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Americans are now spending more of their food budgets on foods prepared and eaten outside the home than for groceries and eating foods at home. That means children consume about a quarter of their calories eating out, and about 42% of children ages two to nine eat fast food on a given day. And, we know it can be hard for you and your family to find healthier food and beverage options at restaurants.

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Given their growing role in families’ diets, restaurants should do their part to support families and help make sure all of us—especially children—have healthy options. That’s why together we’ve been calling for restaurants to give you more control over the ingredients in your food.

McDonald’s has begun to answer that call for change. The fast food restaurant has announced a commitment to offering healthier kids’ meal options for millions of families across the globe.

Their commitment will increase access to:

  • Whole Grains
  • Water
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Lean protein

And their commitment will lead to reductions in:

  • Calories
  • Sugar
  • Saturated fat
  • Sodium

That’s a big step in the right direction. Nearly 80% of McDonald's customers include at least one child under the age of 12. And, these changes will disproportionally impact communities of color. One quarter of McDonald's consumer base is African Americans, and 23% of their customer base is Hispanic.

We need to tell the CEO that you want McDonalds to continue to make healthier foods a top priority. And while this is a good start for McDonald’s, we look forward to continuing to work with them and other restaurants to make all kids meals healthier.

Thank the CEO of McDonald’s for this big step and encourage him to continue to make all kids meals healthier!




Write to McDonald’s Today


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